Game Development Technology will take your skill and passion for games to the next level by fusing core computer science fundamentals with game development skills and knowledge about techniques and processes to give you the skillset to work in games, software development and research. Our program is a continuously improving version of our long-running technical BSc Games Degree here at the University of Plymouth.

As part of our degree, we will teach you how to analyse, design and build games using the latest engines such as Unity or Unreal. This is just the start though as we teach you how to build games from scratch using the technology underlying those engines. Our goal is to give you the skillset to make games on the platform of your choice.

Great games programming is based on computer science fundamentals, so this is where we start. We combine challenging computer science modules with games specific content so that you are not only versed in the game development pipeline but able to create effective apps for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

We know that the modern games stratosphere is not only about working in big companies, but also small teams, freelance and indie development. You need not only great programming skills but also a keen eye for games design and the ability to fit into modern day development teams and processes. We start this knowledge from day one, challenging you to create truly fun experiences from initial rapid prototypes to refined, sellable games. We will prepare you to combine your skillset with others through team projects, identify gaps in the market for your ideas, and guide you towards an effective development environment that reflects the industry standard.

Our lecturers are not just games enthusiast but also experts in domains such as virtual reality, game ai and game design, to name only a few. We use our experience and research to bring Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies into the degree for future employment opportunities, but also because it is fun. We promote an open, inviting and friendly culture. To awaken and foster your passion for games, you will be encouraged and supported to participate in game development events such as Explay festival, TIGA Game Hack, Explay Gamejam and Global Game Jam and submit your games to game festivals.

To take your games to the next level, our program provides specialised labs for VR and game development. Further down the page, you will find examples of student work, some information about us and how we think. As time moves on, we will add more content (videos and games) to this site, so watch this spot!

Where do Plymouth students go?

Our students develop a wide range of skills throughout the course. Below you can see a small selection of the companies that students have gone onto work at or went to during their placement year:

Some also set up their own studio and release their own games! Our students have released games on Steam, VivePort, Android & iOS, Xbox and Playstation!

Recent Success

Liam McFaden recently showcased a demo of his game Momentus as part of the Xbox Summer Game Fest. The game recieved backing from both Xbox & Playstation, find out more information here!


Our culture is the cornerstone to the programme here at Plymouth. A degree course is more than a piece of paper and a set of skills, it is an experience and a journey that we want you to be a part of.

This is how we do it:


We deliver the expertise and skills gradutates need in a rapidly evolving industry through our dedicated in-house development studio which conducts research into interactive systems including virutal and augmented reality, indie, casual and serious games. This research feeds directly into our core modules by the studio team.


The Games Dev society is run by students for students. Here members get a chance to share new technologies and strategies for developing games whilst also having the opportunity to test out their ideas and prototypes with like minded people. The studio and local developers contribute talks and demonstrations helping society memers get the most out of their endeavours.


For all this to function smoothly we have dedicated infrastructure for the development of both cross platform, mobile and 3D virtual reality applications in our specialist lab. We provide the latest programming and creative tools, 3D engines and mobile platforms to give everyone involved in the course the opportunity to develop core skills that are needed in a rapidly evolving industry.